Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Multifocal (30 lenses)

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Producers ALCON
Brand Focus
Lenses correction type Multifocal (Presbyopic)
Replacement schedule Daily
Lenses per box 30

Over time, the ability of your eyes to focus on nearby objects decreases, small objects and details such as pages of a book or your phone screen become blurry. Intermediate vision, like looking at a computer screen, can also get out of focus. This is called presbyopia. Contact lenses can help you solve this problem.


Over time, our eyes’ ability to focus on near objects decreases, causing newspaper print and small text on a mobile phone to become blurry. Using your intermediate vision, for example to focus on a computer screen, can also become challenging. This is called presbyopia. DAILIES® AquaComfort PLUS® Multifocal contact lenses can help you overcome this.

DAILIES® AquaComfort PLUS® Multifocal ensure clear vision by combining the best of both worlds, providing smooth transitions between near, intermediate and distance vision.

Daily disposable lenses are probably the easiest way to wear contact lenses – wear them whenever you need them, for sports, going out or for everyday life, then just throw them away at the end of the day.



  • The comfort drop effect
  • DAILIES® AquaComfort PLUS® gives superior comfort on application
  • Blink-activated moisture

During the day you can blink over 14,000 times. With DAILIES® AquaComfort PLUS® lenses, moisturising agents are released with every blink, for carefree comfort all day long.

Seamless vision

Their unique Precision Profile™ design provides clear, uninterrupted vision, from near to distance.