Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia (30 lenses)

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Producers BAUSCH & LOMB
Brand Biotrue
Lenses correction type Multifocal (Presbyopic)
Replacement schedule Daily
Lenses per box 30

Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia contact lenses are the ideal solution for contact lens wearers in an early stage of presbyopia.


Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia delivers what you need no matter what the day brings.

With Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia seeing at all distances has never been so easy. Now you can focus up close, far away and everywhere in between thanks to the 3-Zone Progressive Design™ that provides you consistent vision to see clearly throughout the day. Design enabling focus on near, intermediate, and distant objects.

Biotrue ONEday has a unique dehydration barrier called HyperGel™ that keeps the lens moist for up to 16 hours, providing you comfort all day. It also ensures your eyes receive all the oxygen they need to keep them healthy and white.


  • Vision: 3-Zone Progressive Design™ for consistent vision across all distances
  • Application: Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia are easy to handle and apply
  • Moisture and Shape Retention: Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia unique HyperGel™ material locks in moisture for up to 16 hours. Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia lenses retain their shape all day
  • UV Protection: Features Class II UVA/UVB protection